Custom Processing

Beef Processing

Hang & CoolHanging
Vacuum Packaging available
Retail Labeling
Ground Beef Patties
Minute Steak
Stew Meat
Stir Fry meat
Rolled Roast
Beef Sticks (Hot, Mild, Teriyaki all available
with Cheddar and Pepper Jack Cheese)
Beef Jerky
Summer Sausage
Cooked Beef

Pork Processing

Hang & Cool
Vacuum Packaging availablefacility 1
Smoking available(Ham, Shoulder, Loins, Bacon, Hocks)
Side Pork
Ground Pork
Ground Pork Patties
Seasoned Sausage
Seasoned Sausage Patties and Links
Italian Pork
Bratwurst Patties
Fresh Bratwurst
Cheddarwurstfacility 2
Rope Sausage
Rib-shaped patties
Rolled Roast
Cooked Pork

Deer Processing

Click Here For Deer Cut Sheet
Please use this sheet for Goat & Lamb
Deer Processing Prices
Whole Deer Processing $100.00
(includes fresh cuts, grinding, packaging, and freezing)
Save Hide $5.00
Cape $50.00
A $50.00 deposit is required per deer.
A deposit of $1.00/lb is required for trimmings, quarters, etc.
* We reserve the right to refuse any trim not properly handled. Treating your venison with care will yield a high quality product.
* When bringing in trim for sausage no fat, hair or bloody pieces are acceptable.
* We strongly discourage trim brought in that is pre-ground.
* Pork trim must be purchased from or processed by the Riceville Locker.
* All processed deer must be picked up and paid for in full within ten days after you receive a call that it is ready. Deer not piucked up will be subject to a storage fee.
* We prefer you bring in your whole carcass deer to us hide on.
Hang & Cool Vacuum Packaging available
Summer Sausage - Pork Added Summer Sausage - Beef Added
Summer Sausage & Cheese Jalapeno Summer Sausage
Jalapeno S.S. w/ Hot Pepper Cheese Ring Bologna
Sticks Sticks w/ Cheese
Jalapeno & Hot Pepper Cheese Sticks Smoked Bratwurst
Smoked Bratwurst w/ Cheese Fresh Bratwurst
Breakfast Seasoned Patties Brat Patties
Plain Deer Patties BBQ Rib Sandwich
Fresh Rope Sausage Breakfast Link Sausage
Smoke Link Sausage Bulk Seasoned Sausage
Ground & Formed Jerky Dried Deer (round only)
BBQ Deer Solid-Piece Jerky (round & loin only)

Freezer/Storage Rental

  • Customers will have 2 weeks free storage after being notified that product is ready for pick up. Beyond that 2 weeks a freezer/storage fee will be added to the order.
  • Freezer/Storage Rent - $10.00/month for product processed in our facility. $10.00 / month will cover - 1/4 beef or 1 hog
  • Freezer/Storage Rent - $12.00/month for product not processed in our facility.
  • Sharp Freeze Rent - $0.10/# with a $5.00 minimum.