Our Story

In June of 2007, our son Nick was searching the internet and stumbled upon the Riceville Locker, and it was for sale. When Merrill came up for a class reunion he viewed the locker and then later bought it. After moving up in September 2007, we took over the locker on October 1, 2007. County Line Locker was born. Throughout our first year in the locker we made many improvements and adjustments. After being open for 1 year and 1 month we got a devestating call that the locker was on fire and it didn't look good. Must have been the longest night in our history as business owners. In the following weeks we tryed to pick up the pieces of what was left of our rubbled remains. Phone calls came in people wondering what they could do to help. I never knew what an amazing community Riceville, IA was until this catastrophy happened. People from all over the community were reaching out to help with anything and everything. In late Spring of 2009 the ground breaking for a new locker was initiated. Following the ground breaking, construction continued in to fall. On October 31, 2009, exactly one year from the fire that had destroyed our buisness, we had our Grand Opening. The new plant is a state of the art processing plant, and people were in awe of the new building. Now we have been open for some time and to this day we remember where we came from and those who came to our aid in such a time of need. We will continue to strive and become better to satisfy you as the customer.